Hey! I'm Luke.

I'm Luke. I'm currently 14 years old.

I program in a variety of languages, mostly Python, but also web languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. This is a showcase of my projects. They're sorted by how complicated they are and by how much time I put into them.

You can find and follow me on Twitter or on GitHub

Wikipedia Map
Wikipedia Map more_vert
Wikipedia Map close

Wikipedia Map is a new and interactive way to browse Wikipedia by seeing the connections between articles. See it here.

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Maze drawn on a piece of paper
Maze-CV more_vert
Maze-CV close

Maze-CV is a computer vision app. It can scan a maze that is drawn on a special template, and then it can solve this maze based on user-defined starting and ending points.

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image2ASCII more_vert
image2ASCII close

A python library that can convert images to ASCII art based on the luminosity of any pixel in the image. It can either return raw text as a string or text rendered onto a new image.

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Curly brackets
livejson more_vert
livejson close

A Python library for easily manipulating JSON data. Provides a dict-like object that will write all changes to a JSON file. No caching is used, every access call directly reads to or writes from the JSON file

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Manipulated image
ImageFunctions more_vert
ImageFunctions close

A Python script (a web app is planned) to apply arbitrary functions passed as text safely to images. This thumbnail was generated by applying the function 127.5*(tan(0.0625x)+1) to the famous "Lenna" test image, and blending the result with the original.

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Mathematical formula
MathQuill Evaluate more_vert
Mathquill Evaluate close

A (very unstable) plugin that tries to evaluate the contents of MathQuill MathFields using the Wolfram|Alpha API. Written as a step towards the web app for ImageFunctions.

Try the demo.

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Conway's Game of Life
Game of Life more_vert
Game of Life close

A python implemention of John Conway's Game of Life. Graphics powered by Pygame.

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Burger icon
BergerBot more_vert
BergerBot close

A chatbot for Discord that uses chatterbot to provide "natural" conversation, and which also implements several other commands. Named for Michael Berger. Experimental SMS support is found by texting (219)-BER-GER4.

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Calculator Spirograph
TI-Spirograph more_vert
TI-Spirograph close

A spirograph written in TI-BASIC, which means I typed it all out on a TI-84 calculator over several math classes. This was written after the Python tkinter spirograph listed later.

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App icon badge indicating a percent
ProgressBadge more_vert
ProgressBadge close

A utility for Pythonista using objc_util. Puts a progress indicator on the app badge. It can display either time remaining, or percent complete, and automatically supports multiple simultaneous tasks.

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A Pythonista UI styled like the theme
theme_utils more_vert
theme_utils close

A utility for Pythonista that allows users to style uis based on the active editor theme. It parses the JSON file for the active theme. Four days after I created this, the developer of Pythonista integrated it directly into the app, crediting me.

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Computer-generated GIF art
GIF Art more_vert
GIF Art close

Various animations generated from Python with PIL and images2gif. Three out of the four animations I did were trannslations of code that used other libraries; more details on GitHub.

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Spirograph more_vert
Spirograph close

A spirograph written in Python. The spiral is drawn on a tkinter canvas, in the center of a UI that allows a user to set arm lengths, angular velocities, and pick a color.

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image2ASCII-iOS more_vert
image2ASCII-iOS close

An interface for image2ASCII on iOS using Pythonista ui. Presents a UI which streamlines the taking/choosing a photo, and then allows for sharing of either plaintext or an image using the native iOS share sheet.

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